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Tag: Nutrition

Charlotte Fraser

Charlotte Fraser BA Hons, Dip. NNP, Dip. AIT is an award-winning nutritionist with over twenty years of experience in the wellness sector. Naturopathic Nutrition is holistic and preventative in approach.

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Janette Derham

Janette is a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. She says: “Have you ever had a deep, meaningful conversation with someone about the state of

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Jeremy Martin

Jeremy is a retired Civil Engineer, who has worked in ten countries around the world in a career spanning 38 years. His main focus in later years was in developing

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Elizabeth Davidson

Elizabeth is a Fitness Instructor & Certified Primal Health Coach with a Sports Nutrition Diploma and a Diet and Nutrition Advanced Diploma. She was a lifelong dieter and exerciser and

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Chelvi Mailvaganan

Chelvi is a Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance Expert and the creator of the Healthy Mindset Project and six session ‘Heal Your Emotional Eating’ coaching programme, which has helped many

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