Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy is a retired Civil Engineer, who has worked in ten countries around the world in a career spanning 38 years. His main focus in later years was in developing countries, working on aid-funded road-related projects. The clients were governmental bodies, where Jeremy provided professional, management and technical skills. Engineering and systemic problems were solved by seeking out the root causes and applying appropriate, effective and sustainable solutions. 

On retiring, Jeremy needed a new focus and an opportunity presented itself following some long periods of poorer health, nothing overly serious, but keeping him from living life to its full potential. Significant and welcome improvements came to Jeremy’s life with a change of diet in November 2017.

The new diet was low carb real food – no sugar, grains, processed seed oils or starchy vegetables, and low in fruit. He had the opportunity to study why he had so many physical and mental health improvements through this change of diet, and then act on the knowledge he had gained. Jeremy says “The opportunity has become an obligation”. 

His studies highlighted among many issues that: 

1) dietary guidelines and the current Eatwell Guide have not been the solution for the obesity crisis. Authorities continue to give the same advice to eat less and exercise more and blame the individual when it does not work. 

2) It is unlikely, in the coming decades, that the NHS will cope if the current 15% annual increase in overweight and diabetes-related hospital admissions continues.

A third and key finding of his research shows that:  

3) A low carb diet is safe and effective for the reversal and prevention of Type 2 diabetes and is the best and most sustainable way to lose weight.

Jeremy’s goal now is to persuade GPs to offer a low carb diet as a choice for the treatment of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. According to the CCG, at present no GPs in East Kent offer this.

Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration
Advocate for real health and hope through real food