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Attention – to NEETS and their parents

Are you in the unfortunate position of being labelled in the NEET category? This means: ‘Not in Education and not in Employment’, in other words you are young and I suspect not too happy with being idle and not able to gain employment.
My name is Brian and I have been mentoring and coaching young people for the past 35 years and been inspired by how many of them have recognised the benefits of gaining ‘Personal Leadership’ at a young age. They have also gained many more life skills that their education did not cover such as Personal Values, Resilience, Commitment,
Civic Pride and Community plus the benefits of volunteering and much more. If you are interested in finding out more I will be attending the Westcliff Conservation and Community Association AGM at 1030hrs on Saturday 19th March at the Boating Pool, Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate. I will be very happy to introduce myself and explain more about the benefits of mentoring. Alternatively, you can contact me as follows:
Mobile/ Text: 07768530909 or email: Website:


CASE STUDY 1 Phillip
THEN: Came to the UK when he was 12 years of age. Could not speak English. Put into the largest boy’s school in Kent and was bullied. Consequently, he became a ‘school refuser.’
NOW:15 years on:
Phillip has a PhD, lectured at Kings College London. He now has a senior well paid position in Australia.

THEN: Born with a medical condition that affected his mobility and learning ability. At a young age his parents were informed by the Education Authorities he would not benefit from main stream schooling. His parents ignored this and Bill eventually ended up at the same largest Boys school in Kent as Phillip. Consequently, he was subjected to bullying which affected his education and learning. By the time he reached the 6th Form he had not done very well in literacy and arithmetic, two basic subjects.

NOW 15 Years later;

Despite his physical limitations it is obvious that Ethan is enjoying life, more so than his time in education. He has strong determination and is a high achiever. He is Chairman of the Kent Branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Kent Coaching SML/CPD Group, a Human Resource Director with one company and a Director and Company Secretary in a new Health and Well-Being CIC company. He is studying for professional qualifications in Human Resources. Also, he has conquered the shortfall in literacy and arithmetic through his tenacity. Ethan recently took over, from myself, the Chair of the Diabetes Thanet Community Self-Help group and is providing the necessary leadership. He has become an extraordinary man with a heart for people to fill the planet. Recently he took over, from myself, safeguarding and mentoring a young man who has been gang stalked and bullied from the age of 14 to the present day.


His head teacher requested Brian to mentor and coach him which Brian accepted. Benjamin was instrumental in helping Brian to set up Personalised Learning in Communities and showed indications of leadership. Brian and Benjamin worked together to form a PLC committee of young people focused on helping young people set up a Basketball league in the Medway Towns. Three teenagers joined Brian and Benzamine at the Medway finance committee to make their case for the Council to support the sport of Basketball. They were successful. They also achieved Triangle awards as a result of the achievements in helping local teenagers and communities.

Benjamin is an AREA Manager for a very large national supermarket.
Many more examples of young and older people benefiting from mentoring and coaching are available.

Brian Urwin CEO Think Healthy Me Ltd
Founder/Chairperson Health and Business in Thanet ‘HABIT’
Ambassador for Public Health Collaboration
Founder/Chairman of Diabetes Thanet Community Group

Change of status for Thanet’s newest Community Interest Company

Think Healthy Me (THM) Ltd was a new business start-up a year ago just as the first Coronavirus lockdown hit. Now in April 2021, we have taken the bold step of re-registering and changing our status to that of a Community Interest Company (CIC). This is because, as a Board of Directors we have realised that we can potentially achieve more and have a greater impact on the deprivation around health and wellbeing currently being experienced by people in Thanet and wider in Kent and the UK. We aim to do this by undertaking projects and accessing grants to fund them. Whilst the commercial needs of businesses will remain a focus where possible, it seems to us that community-based needs are a greater priority for Think Healthy Me’s attention.

During the pandemic and the past year, we have learnt a lot about the achievements of our THM Associates in regenerating and re-imagining their businesses. We have the capability to help struggling Kent SME’s in doing the same. We are also now collaborating with other charitable organisations, for example the Warnborough Foundation, to assist where we can with their aims.

Our aim is to develop funding bids for projects that can contribute to improving people’s health and wellbeing by tackling key issues such as diabetes, obesity, depression, loneliness and poor mental health using life-style change and a broad range of complimentary health services. We are keen to make a difference in the community and hope to work in partnership with local GP surgeries and other community-based organisations.

If you are interested in working with us or in finding out more about what THM can offer, please view our website or get in touch at

Covid 19 – Regenerate your business

The health of the UK economy and businesses is reeling due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

A new Kent based company recognised an opportunity to support and help the struggling Kent companies, both corporate and SME’s. Think Healthy Me Ltd registered themselves with Companies House in April 2020 during the Lockdown.  Since registering they have prepared themselves with the appropriate skills and passion necessary to help local businesses regenerate. 

Brian Urwin, CEO of Think Healthy Me Ltd has always had a keen interest in health, his own, his families and the wider community. Since the World Rio Summit in 1992 he has followed all World summits. Also, he has travelled the world to research different countries responses to Climate Change and Health. He is convinced that the key to success here in the UK is that measuring and improving organisational health is complimentary to improving the bottom line.

Brian Urwin quote: “Many of our Associates have had life-threatening experiences including myself with a Cardiac Arrest in a foreign country in 2000. Through lifestyle changes, we have successfully conquered these illnesses and learnt as a result. We wish to share this learning. Our collective skills are extensive and include, Executive Coaching, Resilience, Stress Management, Obesity, Heart Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, Yoga to address PTSD, Human Resources, Organisation Development and Community Empowerment”

Selected associates complete a needs analysis with Business Owners which directs them to the key focus requirements to regenerate. The outcome is that THM helps the Business Owner to identify the diverse and complex organisation needs.

INTERESTED? Please visit

“Supporting employers to manage stress and improve the health and well-being of their organisation and employees.”