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Chelvi Mailvaganan

Chelvi is a Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance Expert and the creator of the Healthy Mindset Project and six session ‘Heal Your Emotional Eating’ coaching programme, which has helped many people address the root cause of their emotional eating and low body confidence.

Prior to working as a Life Coach, Chelvi was a Therapeutic Social Worker predominantly working in Health Care helping people cope with trauma, loss and bereavement. She has MA in Social Work, a BA in Philosophy, Certificate in Life Coaching and is currently completing NLP master practitioner certification.

Healthy Mindset Project is born out of Chelvi’s own struggles with emotional eating and years of yo-yo dieting.  Through her own journey to health and healing, Chelvi strongly believes that health and well-being should be approached from the inside out; healing from within.

Chelvi is sceptical about our diet obsessed culture filled with fad diets and calorie counting, whilst neglecting people’s inner world and how that influences their relationship to food, health and self-esteem.  She believes authentic and long term health and well-being requires a change of mind-set and lifestyle.

Chelvi is passionate about helping people and has made this her life’s mission. Over the years whilst working as a Social Worker, Coach and other roles she has undertaken, she has helped many people work through some of the most challenging life circumstances and deep emotional pain. She has supported them with deep compassion and understanding whilst working to bring out their innate strengths and resilience, helping them move forward in their lives. 

Chelvi has also been meditating for over 20 years and teaching meditation and mindfulness on a voluntary basis for a charity dedicated to bringing peace to the local community for over 10 years.

Helping people break free from emotional eating via:
– One to One Mindful Eating Coaching  (on-line/in person)
– Group Mindful Eating Coaching (on-line/in person)
– One off workshops


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