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Colin Beckley

Colin started a retail business in 1970, which grew to 6 outlets by 1982 when he was told by his doctor that after 10 years taking prescription anti-depressants & tranquilisers, he was addicted and likely to be on them for life. Then, he was introduced to Transcendental Meditation. Colin learned ‘TM’ and soon found himself spontaneously free from the need for the tablets, alcohol and smoking for life, as well as from headaches and migraines! 

Seeing similar wide-ranging results in others, he spent 2 years on a TM teacher training course, including 9 months on a 24/7 retreat. Fully qualified in 1989, he taught TM for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s organisation for 10 years. For the last 5 years, he also ran the Ayurved Health Centre in the UK and taught TM in both large and small businesses and the NHS. By 1999 the cost of TM training had increased dramatically so he set up a new UK Charity to make TM affordable for all and has taught full-time for 30 years.

Prof. Dr Hans Selye, Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine & Surgery, Uni. of Montreal, was in the 1930s, the first to use the term ‘STRESS’ in relation to the body. He said in 1975 “Research shows that the physical effects of ‘TM’ are exactly opposite to the ‘Fight/Flight’ or ’STRESS’ response.” ‘STRESS’ is a key factor in all illness and poor performance, but it is not “in the workplace”. It is a physiological imbalance caused by our response to challenges – not the challenges themselves. 

Transcendence, the mind settling effortlessly beyond mindfulness into deep pure silence, releases the stress and transforms our future responses, and so all areas of life, in one simple process taught in a 4-session course over 3 days with further FREE support and guidance for life.

TM has been known for 1,000’s of years as the Heart of Yoga and has been taught to millions worldwide. Nearly 1,000 scientific research studies since 1970 in over 200 institutions in more than 30 countries have indicated hundreds of significant benefits (the side-effects of growth of consciousness) including

For the Company: Improved: Productivity; Sales; Working atmosphere; Teamwork; Decision Making; Motivation; Openness to change Reduced: Absenteeism; Accidents; Mistakes. 

For Colleagues: Improved: Sleep; Sports performance; Energy; Intelligence; Creativity; Memory; Self-confidence; Resilience; Relationship Reduced: Anxiety; Depression; Use of Alcohol, Cigarettes & Drugs; Risk of Heart Disease, Doctor visits & hospitalisation; Normalisation of Blood Pressure; Relief from Fatigue.

Transcendental (deep) Meditation – Awakening Nature’s Healing, Creative Intelligence – Dissolving Stress,Improving Health, Work Performance, & Home Life