Actively helping people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Caroline Purvey

Caroline is an award-winning transformational leader, speaker and No 1 International bestselling author in the Pay It Forward Series.  Voted in the top 10 of 100 women to watch in well-being.  A visionary who is passionate about educating and empowering people to transform their lives as she inspires them with her 5 Step programme. 

She educates not just on how simple it can be for all of us to take back control of our own well-being but why it is so important too. She has BA(Hons) in Business and Education, PGCE and a Masters in Education Management. Following a successful career in schools she gained qualifications in alternative therapies and as a Yoga Teacher Trainer.  Now utilising those skills as a leader in her field of stress release with a unique programme the Total Release Experience®.

Caroline set up her Company in 2011 following a visit to South Africa. She learned a practical skill to release tension from the body that naturally brings relief from symptoms of stress. As the pioneer for the work in the UK Caroline has evolved the practice and is now an expert by experience. She is a driving force, passionately sharing, the Total Release Experience® by delivering Workshops Nationally as well as online Courses globally. Following a visit to Malawi she shared with 9 people and now manages 35 as her Charity Contribution. They have reached out to 3.5k children. 

Building a team of Practitioners, Caroline is proud to be working with Schools, Prison, Kent Fire & Rescue and Police Service.  Accredited by the FHT & recommended by Doctors and Therapists.

The appeal for both public and service sectors is that this cost effective ‘no talking’ or touching programme once learned is empowering clients with a tool for life and a life too. They quickly find physical, mental and emotional balance. Learning to physically release symptoms from stress or trauma where often medication and talking fail. 

A unique programme for organisations that can be bespoke to needs. The 5 hour Workshop inclusive of full education and resources for personal use it has appeal for those organisations looking for: a highly cost-effective team building programme for stress management and/or an empowering programme for staff well-being that is  simple to learn, requires ‘no talking’, or touching.

SPECIALISM(S) : Total Release Experience® Lead Practitioner/ Trainer/ Facilitator


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