Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle
Fresh Air 1 Fresh Air 4 Clean Water 1 Clean Water 2 Clean Water 3 Clean Water 4 Real Food 1 Real Food 2 Real Food 3 Real Food 4 Nature 1 Nature 2 Nature 3 Nature 4 Pain Free 1 Pain Free 2 Pain Free 3 Pain Free 4 Secure 1 Secure 2 Secure 3 Secure 4 Work/Life Balance 1 Work/Life Balance 2 Work/Life Balance 3 Work/Life Balance 4 Exercise 1 Rest and relaxation 1 Happiness 1 Addiction Free 1 Addiction Free 2 Addiction Free 3 Addiction Free 4 Relationships 1 Relationships 2 Relationships 3 Relationships 4

Fresh Air 1

Lives in an area with high levels of emissions and polluted air and is unable to escape breathing this in. Detrimental to healthy living and damaging to health

Fresh Air 4

Generally lives in an area with clean air and is able to get out into the countryside away from pollution and breath fresh clean air

Clean Water 1

Little or no water is available and/or the water supply is contaminated and harmful to health. Consequently regularly thirsty and very poor levels of hydration

Clean Water 2

Insufficient clean water is available leading to thirst and poor levels of hydration. Headaches are a regular feature

Clean Water 3

A source of clean water is readily available but fails to drink a sufficient amount each day to keep hydrated

Clean Water 4

A good source of clean water is readily available and drinks the recommended 2 litres every day to keep properly hydrated

Real Food 1

Very poor diet, fails to have 5 fruit and vegetables a day and regularly includes fast food takeaways. May be unable to cook.

Real Food 2

Poor diet

Real Food 3

Eats fairly healthily, diet is reasonably ok and normally manages 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Eats minimal amounts of fast food.

Real Food 4

Eats fairly healthily, diet is reasonably ok and normally manages 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Eats minimal amounts of fast food.

Nature 1

No connection with nature. Unable to access the countryside and therefore is not connected to nature. This could be through lack of interest, will or means to get out doors and into the country

Nature 2

Moderate connection with nature.

Nature 3

Average connection with nature. Takes occasional trips out to the country and has some knowledge of the wildlife and flora and fauna. Enjoys the time spent there but does not fully appreciate the surroundings.

Nature 4

Strong connection with nature. Regularly spends a considerable amount of time out in the countryside. Knows about and appreciates the plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds & insects and soaks up the scenary and beauty and wonder of nature.

Pain Free 1

Suffering from a serious or severe physical medical condition or full blown mental illness where the symptoms are significantly impacting on the quality of life, and/or is in constant and debilitating pain.

Pain Free 2

The physical health condition and/or mental health has deteriorated and the symptoms are more noticeable and more frequent. It is starting to affect life, but only in minor, isolated ways. Pain is experienced more regularly but still tolerable.

Pain Free 3

Physical and/or mental health is not a good as it was and some medical interventions are starting to become necessary. Mild symptoms or pain are being experienced but this  not affecting the quality of life.

Pain Free 4

Is generally in good health both physically and mentally, other than some  minor ailments or conditions which are effectively controlled by medication. Lives life free from excessive levels of pain.

Secure 1

Homeless or about to become homeless

Secure 2

Living in poor, substandard and/or cramped accommodation

Secure 3

Living in accommodation basically suitable for needs, secure, warm with water & sanitation

Secure 4

Living in accommodation more than suitable for needs with all facilities & mod cons

Work/Life Balance 1

Not in regular employment and has little or no income. And/or worklife balance is very poor

Work/Life Balance 2

Living on National Living Wage

Work/Life Balance 3

Getting by and mostly debt free

Work/Life Balance 4

Comfortably off and debt free

Exercise 1

Sedantry lifestyle and has very little or no regular exercise, either through choice or poor mental or physical health

Rest and relaxation 1

Hyperactivity may be present, struggles to have regular periods of rest and/or often suffers from long periods of insomnia

Happiness 1

Suffers with depression and is not enjoying life. Has few interests and no hobbies and does not attend any form of sporting events or entertainment. May even contemplate suicide.

Addiction Free 1

Seriously addicted to or dependent on one or more behaviours which are detrimentally impacting on quality of life and health

Addiction Free 2

Dependent & reliant upon the addictive behaviour(s) using increased amounts and/or more frequently, possibly even engaging in risky or dangerous behaviour

Addiction Free 3

Starting on a pathway to addiction (trying or experimenting) with the behaviour mostly for fun and enjoyment

Addiction Free 4

Fully in control & living life free from any form of addictive behaviour

Relationships 1

No friends or relatives. Has little or no contact or interaction with other human beings for long periods of time. Leading to loneliness and poor mental health

Relationships 2

Has some contact with friends or relatives but this is very sporadic and infrequent. Sometimes goes days without seeing other people to talk to.

Relationships 3

Has a reasonable network of contacts on a personal level, both friends and relatives but the level of support and contact is less than would be desired for complete happiness.

Relationships 4

Strong and loving family relationships with one or more close lifelong friends who are readily available at a moments notice to offer support, companionship and conversation.