Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Sheree Bell

Sheree is a Wellbeing Coach with extensive experience in Health & Social Care and Community Work. She has spent decades professionally helping people to live better lives.

Sheree trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Solution Focused Therapy and Clean Language Coaching. She is also a qualified Social Worker with experience in mental health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and older people.

She is especially passionate about helping women to love and accept themselves, taking a Health At Every Size approach and does not support the notion that losing weight makes life better. It so often doesn’t! Sheree helps people to look more widely at their wellbeing and treat them holistically. People that she coaches report good results and changed lives.

Sheree also loves gardening, cooking vegan food, spending time in nature, and lives with 2 miniature sausage dogs!
She works in her own coaching practice – Sheree Bell Coaching & Workshops – where she uses NLP to help people shift their thinking and make personal improvements. Her sessions are held on Zoom to connect with people globally.

Sheree’s work centres around using powerful techniques to move thoughts from negative limiting beliefs – which often cause emotional, mental and physical pain – to positive and supportive ones. She helps people to see things differently.

Sheree can also help with releasing negative patterns, facing phobias, building resilience, increasing confidence, facing difficult situations and improving self-acceptance.

As an ‘Expert by Experience’ she especially likes to use her skills to help plus size women improve their wellbeing.

Sheree’s clients report that she is very good at listening and has an amazing way of getting them to look at things differently. They say they leave her sessions feeling more in control of their lives, on top of their goals and being clearer about what actions they need to take.

Her testimonials say she is warm and friendly and uses incisive questions to get to the root of the matter – the shifts made are often life-changing. However, she always asks for 100% commitment from her Coachees to do the work required!

HAES (Health At Every Size)