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Olly Leicester


Olly is a health coach and social prescriber for the NHS in Hampshire, and for private clients.  He’s an experienced health coach…helping people help themselves, by supporting people to make proactive and positive changes in their lives…be that mental, social, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Olly has a passionate interest in low carbohydrate/real food diets…and has helped many people reverse pre-diabetes, lose body fat and lower blood pressure. In his spare time, Olly is often found in nature…be it hiking in the forest, swimming in the sea or cycling off-road. He believes strongly that there is always a natural, holistic way to improve one’s wellbeing.

Our health is the outcome of the small choices we make on a daily basis.  If a person or company isn’t making the best choices, Olly helps identify the root cause of the problem, and then works collaboratively to come up with solutions.  Coaching is the art of asking the right questions, then offering support and accountability to help individuals or organisations get into a better place…Telling people doesn’t often work in behaviour change!

Olly’s specialisms are in food choices (particularly on the low-carb/real food), planning for shopping, learning to read food labels, cooking plans, sleep habits, challenging limiting beliefs, cold-water therapy and breathwork. Olly offers online courses in improving blood sugar control, weight loss, food education, creating health goals and planning on how to reach these goals.

With the help of a health coach, people can experience life more vibrantly.  Coaching is common place in sports and in business, but not so much with health.  Why would this be? When you feel better, we enjoy life more.  Thanks to impermanence, anything is possible.  Health is always able to be improved.  With the help of a health coach like Olly, you can get to a better place in a quicker time.  Small steps, over time, lead to big changes.


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