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Lotus Nguyen

Lotus has over 10-year experience as a Mindfulness Coach and Teacher. She is a Certified Tantric Journey Educator, Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Conscious Sensuality Practitioner. Lotus is the creator of the HEART-MINDfulness™ – a holistic mindfulness training system that is easily integrated into every aspect of work and life.

Lotus is also co-author of the internationally published book Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women.

“I cannot recommend Lotus enough. If you want to transform your life, then get in touch with her right now!” 

Ceri Lee, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Light

HEART-MINDfulness™ deals not just the symptoms but also the root causes & encompasses all levels of our being: physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. Lotus works with individuals, groups and businesses who want to reduce stress, increase performance and enhance happiness & wellbeing.

”Lotus has a gift for making mindfulness both enjoyable and enlightening”

David Litchfield, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Her work is based on the combination of Western body-mind practices (including Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Healing) with Eastern wisdoms (Buddhism, Tantric Practices and Healing Tao). She offers workshops, retreats and inspirational speeches to various businesses and organisations including Action for Happiness

”…Lotus combines the best of Tantra, Tao, and Buddhism in an intelligent, heartful and bodily way…. Thank you very much for this colossal experience between time and space, which I can only recommend to everyone.”

Joachim Dyck – Director

”A weekend retreat with Lotus was a life-changing experience.”

Barbara Earl

She also specialises in emotional release therapeutic bodywork, healing trauma, rejuvenating love, intimacy & sexuality. 

“Lotus is an exceptional being and practitioner. Highly intuitive and extraordinarily empathetic, her energy work is second to none.”

Miranda M, Therapist

Mindfulness Coaching & Training for Stress Management, Performance & Wellbeing;
Entrepreneur Mentoring;
Relationship Coaching;
Sexual Health Educator;Emotional Release & Trauma Healing Therapy


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