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Lottie Rowlatt

Lottie is a massage therapist, teacher and meditation guide. Her aim is to help others reach a deep level of relaxation, and benefit from all the mental and physical benefits that brings about. She has close to a decade of experience bringing calm into her clients’ lives through a variety of holistic treatments.

Lottie teaches the subject in her role as Lecturer and Assessor at East Kent College. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping students learn the art of massage and beauty.

In treatments, Lottie uses a combination of massage techniques to create a therapy tailored to each individual’s needs at the time. Lottie carries out treatments with full presence and a positive intention to restore, ground and balance the client.

The benefits of massage on the body are truly powerful. Massage benefits every system in the body, from the nervous system to blood and lymph circulation, and it is a drug free form of pain relief. Importantly, massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system which makes the body rest, relax and heal itself.

Lottie creates guided meditations recorded for a relaxation podcast, which are great for helping you unwind at home. She believes that prioritising self-care by getting regular massage and practising meditation are two of the healthiest habits you can have.


Massage therapy, teaching and assessing, guided meditations, wellness, skincare