Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Joanne Miller

Joanne has worked with and alongside people with mental health conditions for over 10 years. Naturally leaning towards a nurturing and encouraging way of working with people, many people have been influenced by motivation and the feeling of being uplifted.

Customers have described her as being insightful and intuitive. Having worked through her own issues with stress and mental health, she has the understanding, empathy and the patience to work with the customer so they can work at their own pace.

She has successfully gained awards in both the retail sector and social care sector for improvements and achievements have been attained in services worked in over the past 20 years.

Trained as and gained certifications as Master Practitioner in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Based Therapy and Hypnosis. Incorporating the above techniques, she has devised an 8-module programme to help people who are having issues with work related stress. The nature of NLP means the process is not invasive and can work quickly.

Experienced and adept at training goal setting techniques and assisting people to discover what it is that they want to achieve. This is usually buried deeper than at surface level. 

Joanne has experience in helping people to discover their ultimate outcomes and work with the customer to plan what they need to do to achieve this.

With the Work-Related Stress programme, Joanne sensitively works with the customer to find the root cause of issues that could be holding the person back.  Working on releasing limiting beliefs and boosting the customers in areas such as confidence and motivation by using a blend of coaching, NLP, time-based therapy and hypnosis helps a person move from stress to success.

Using tools, resources and sharing techniques which can be used to de-stress, for example, Joanne can help to not only help the customer improve their work life but their life as a whole.

SPECIALISM(S) : Work Related Stress, Goal Setting, Coach,
Trainer, Motivation, Facilitator, Positive Mindset