Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Sheila Caulfield

Sheila is an Entrepreneur, Image Consultant, Colour Creative, Learning Facilitator and Coach who empowers business, organisations and communities across the UK to be successful and happy. Sheila is CIPD qualified, holds Diplomas in psychology, business and finance and is an accredited NLP practitioner. Sheila’s belief in the power of projecting a confident image stem from memories of how being born with a leg condition and learning how to use and apply Colour to project a Confident Image has empowered Sheila to grow the positive mindset and the emotional resilience to project the Confident image needed to be successful and live life to the full.

Sheila provides bespoke, fun and flexible Colour Me Confident (CMC) sessions, workshops and qualifications across the UK for Entrepreneurs, SME’s and the public, community and voluntary sector.

CMC shows people how to embrace Colour and to use Colour as the tool to visualise success and create the positive mindset, emotional resilience and the Confidence needed to be successful and happy in a business/professional and/or personal context. Customer-centred and flexible CMC opportunities accessed through face-to-face, e-learning and distance learning opportunities that can be accredited.
Colour Theory and Science helps us understand the impact Colour has on the way we think, our mood and the way we behave. Our behaviour is the Image we project onto others that informs how customers/people perceive who we are that ultimately informs their decision whether to connect/disconnect with us. Disconnection stops customers doing business with us/can break a business, increases isolation, loneliness and our ability to be successful and to maintain positive well-being. CMC helps people to project a Confident image to enhance business/employee productivity, strengthens communication and empowers stronger and sustainable communities.


Leadership, Confidence, Communication and Well-Being