Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Think Healthy Me (THM) Ltd was a new business start-up a year ago just as the first Coronavirus lockdown hit. Now in April 2021, we have taken the bold step of re-registering and changing our status to that of a Community Interest Company (CIC). This is because, as a Board of Directors we have realised that we can potentially achieve more and have a greater impact on the deprivation around health and wellbeing currently being experienced by people in Thanet and wider in Kent and the UK. We aim to do this by undertaking projects and accessing grants to fund them. Whilst the commercial needs of businesses will remain a focus where possible, it seems to us that community-based needs are a greater priority for Think Healthy Me’s attention.

During the pandemic and the past year, we have learnt a lot about the achievements of our THM Associates in regenerating and re-imagining their businesses. We have the capability to help struggling Kent SME’s in doing the same. We are also now collaborating with other charitable organisations, for example the Warnborough Foundation, to assist where we can with their aims.

Our aim is to develop funding bids for projects that can contribute to improving people’s health and wellbeing by tackling key issues such as diabetes, obesity, depression, loneliness and poor mental health using life-style change and a broad range of complimentary health services. We are keen to make a difference in the community and hope to work in partnership with local GP surgeries and other community-based organisations.

If you are interested in working with us or in finding out more about what THM can offer, please view our website or get in touch at