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Mindful Educators – Rose White & Debbie White

Rose has been teaching mindfulness to adults and children for over seven years. Rose trained with Mindfulness UK to teach the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Compassionate Mindful Resilience courses. Her own life experiences have given her an understanding of how mindfulness and self-compassion can be truly life-changing. Debbie has been working in education and leadership for more than 20 years, is a MindfulnessUK associate tutor and a British Association of Mindfulness. Based Approaches (BAMBA) UK listed teacher of mindfulness. Debbie has great empathy for what it takes to work in challenging settings. She has been a mindfulness teacher for 5 years and practising it personally for more than 30 years. Debbie has a clear, fun and empathetic teaching style. They are successfully delivering courses for Public Health England, various organisations, charities and public groups.

They deliver high quality accredited mindfulness courses. Mindful Educators is a not for profit community interest company bringing courses to professional settings and public groups. Rose and Debbie also deliver first-rate courses to the healthcare, social care and education sector. They ensure that each individual participant receives all the support and care that they need before, during and after our courses. They ensure our courses are easily accessible They have taught hundreds of participants and are very proud to be able to say that they have 100% positive feedback. They ensure all of their courses are a good fit for each participant and organisation. Each course comes with downloadable resources and a 37 page participant booklet. They offer feedback data to organisations, so that they can see the significant impact of how the course supports their employees mental health and wellbeing.

You will learn how to understand how the mind and body responds to stress and you will be taught a toolbox of mindfulness and self-compassion practices and techniques. You can expect to experience some of the well researched benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion such as: a greater feeling of calmness and clarity, strengthened immune system, a new way to be with your emotions, improved sleep and you’ll be more able to focus and concentrate on tasks. They will ensure you are well looked after and that their course is easily accessible to you. You will receive the right resources to ensure you have everything that you need. ‘This has hands down the best training I have had in years. The tutors have been fantastic. Not only did I see what I needed to change in my life, but I know with this training I can support others. A massive thank you.’ Jane – Care Worker

They offer high quality accredited mindfulness and self-compassion courses that are easily accessible online or face-to-face for any public group, charity or organisational setting of any size. Their courses improve the wellbeing and mental health of their participants. They care for each and every participant.