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How Chelvi Healed from Emotional Eating

The ‘Stop Your Binge Eating’ coaching programme was born out of my own struggles with emotional and binge eating and the freedom I have come to enjoy as result of travelling this healing journey. My desire is to help you travel the path to Food Freedom and Body Confidence and enjoy the best life you can.

The shame of not being ‘thin enough’

I spent nearly three decades yo-yoing from one diet to the next only to find myself oscillating between weight loss and gain and feeling out of control with food, weight and life. My weight affected my feelings of worthiness, where the number on the scales determined how I felt about myself on any given day.

Feelings of unworthiness or simply ‘not being good enough or thin enough’ left me with inadequacies and fears that stopped me from living my life to its fullest.

The wake-up call

After years of cycling through eat, repent and starve and then repeat cycle, the wake-up call came with a health scare and the birth of my daughter. I was forced to take a deeper look at my relationship with my food, weight and body. When I did look, it became apparent to me that my issues with weight – riddled with guilt, shame and frustration – had nothing to do with my will power, or a lack of knowledge concerning nutritional information (which I have a lot of), or the calorie content of the food I consumed. It was as though I had been putting a plaster on top of a thorn pierced wound and kept wondering:

Why is it that I still hurt?

Difficult emotions, unresolved trauma and a disconnection from my body

The thorn, the actual source of all my pain in my relationship with my food and body were difficult emotions, past unresolved traumas, un-examined attitudes about food instilled from childhood, and a disconnection from my body. Once I started addressing my emotional reasons for my unhealthy eating habits, weight loss came slowly but surely and it still is coming off. As my journey evolved, it became clear to me that this was never about the weight. The weight was simply a symptom of not fully living life, of not facing up to difficult emotions and using food to numb them. As I addressed the emotional reasons for my over-eating, many aspects of my life became vibrant and joyful. I no longer used food to mask my true needs. I now have a renewed sense of purpose, a joy for life, and have real inner confidence independent of my weight

Let’s work together

Despite being in the health and wellness industry for many years, this is how I found my true calling, a passion for helping people break free from their emotional reasons for eating. People who have been through my six session coaching programme say that it has had a profound impact on their mindset and on their relationship to the self – many now enjoy authentic body confidence and food freedom.

Get in touch: I would love us to team up and work together towards your desired goal​!

I am a Certified Life Coach (qualified in 2005) and a Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance Expert and the creator of the 6 session ‘Heal Your Emotional Eating’ coaching programme, which has helped many people to work towards healing the root cause of their emotional eating and low body confidence. Prior to working as a Life Coach, for many years I have worked as a Therapeutic Social Worker in Health Care, helping people make sense of loss, trauma and other painful life events. I have also been meditating for the past 20 years.