Brian Urwin


Reflecting on my career in management, I recognise how fortunate I have been. Now in my third career, with professional talented colleagues, we have recognised the high Importance of Health and Wellbeing both in organisations and individual.

Think Healthy Me CIC, is growing and developing through COVID-19. The board registered our exciting new venture with Companies House on the 16th of April 2020.

I have been lucky to acquire the necessary skills to deliver solutions to business problems. The background of strategic leadership experience within the public, private and community voluntary sectors.

Some key skills include organisational development, business development, performance management and Human Resources; all associated with productivity improvement to organisational health and well-being.

Over the past three years, we have acquired a strong team of like-minded business entrepreneurs-associates to support our chosen mission and values.

Bradley O‘Connell

Company Secretary

My name is Bradley O’Connell and I work as a Personnel Administrator in my father’s business, O’Connell’s Drywall Contractors Ltd. I was born with a medical condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy meaning that I have weaker muscles compared to others of my age.

As a minority in a mainstream world, and to help deal with my Spinal Muscular Atrophy, since a very young age, I have acquired a strong sense of self-determination.

Mike Brown

Business development

I am a human resource professional (a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management) with over 40 years experience of working exclusively in the public sector. I am currently an internal HR Consultant & Programme Manager leading on organisation wide change and the implementation of major restructuring programmes.

John Hall

Communications & IT

I have been a director of DTA Computer Systems Ltd and DTA International Ltd since 1979, specialising in data collection systems, local currencies and discount & reward systems.

Designer of Local Exchange and Trading systems for KUTLETS, RAMLETS, Exmouth LETS and the payment interface for the Kingston Pound. I produced and ran the Visa Cash system for the World Ski Championships in Trondheim, Norway in 1997. I developed the software for a Front End Communications Processor for Clydesdale Bank which controlled their ATM system. Designer of environmental monitoring systems for Spook Ltd since 2000. I designed and implemented a data collection system for Thorn EMI which retrieved transaction data from 6000 branches and transferred it to a mainframe, all within one hour using the very slow communications available in 1980.

In addition to my work for Think Healthy Me I am developing systems for recycling automats in Scandinavia.

I have had a variety of jobs. I worked as a porter in Sotheby’s auction house, manning the display rooms and interacting with potential bidders; as a share fisherman on a trawler out of Fowey in Cornwall catching queen scallops; post room operative for British Olivetti in Berkeley Square; data entry for Horizon Holidays; porter in the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases and Great Ormond Street Hospital; building a pitch and putt golf course in Dublin; delivery driver for a synthetic leather wholesaler in Dublin; and finally, from 1979, as programmer, analyst, partner and then owner of an IT company DTA Computer Systems, which had subsidiary companies called DTA International, Chipwell and Authentik.

As well as my work with Think Healthy Me I help to run the Thanet Diabetes Community Self Care Group and the Thanet Thinkers philosophy discussion group. I am also IT Support and Admin for the Thanet branch of the U3A –