Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

Company Secretary

I am delighted to contribute to the governance and development of Think Healthy Me CIC in my role as Company Secretary. I thoroughly enjoy research, communication and development. In these ways I am able to support the work of the charity. Together, we are enhancing the impact and value that we can provide to the community, our hard-working associates and more.

The future is promising. The care and diligence of my board colleagues has proved a good foundation for the charity. We are now paving the way for exciting new collaborations and projects. This is all part of our commitment to help local residents become healthier and happier.

As for my background, the best way to describe me, what I do and why I do it, would be to say that I am a “multi-passionate” creative person. I am completely driven by my Christian faith and a deep desire to help others. My most important role is that of a mother of 4 wonderful children. Besides my “Mum” status, I have also worked in customer service in many ways for over 30 years. This included the caring professions, volunteering, business and industry, and as an entrepreneur.

2023 has seen the arrival of some exciting new changes in my life. I moved home and quickly established a new business working in one of my areas of passion, as a gardener. Gardening works around my work as a book editor and this lifestyle gives me the flexibility to maintain my commitment to Think Healthy Me. I even have a little “wriggle room” to develop new entrepreneurial projects. In my free time, I enjoy developing my projects, design work, relaxing with friends, cooking, painting, singing or the peaceful pleasures of just being quiet for a few hours.