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World Autism AwarenessWeek is taking place this week (30 March – 5 April 2020) – it is such great timing as it is my youngest son David’s birthday on Sunday 5th April and he is really looking forward to being 28 but he is also struggling significantly with the change to his routine as part of the current requirement to stay at home. His normal world and routine stopped abruptly on Monday 13 March when he could no longer go in the taxi to Spadework. He is starting to get use to the change and today he worked in the garden with me doing what he would normally do, as we planted broad beans, runner beans and courgette seeds to grow ready to plant out in our home vegetable bed when it is warmer. He is stressed but coping admirably – brilliant work David.

Turning now to the impact of the Government’s campaign Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives on people living with Autism, this is easier said than done as coping with change is the one thing that most people with autism struggle with. Yesterday on television I saw a quote from a young man with Autism , who commenting on the current changes to reduce the spread of Covid-19 who said “Social isolation – welcome to my world”. This is such a profound and true observation as many families living with Autism feel isolated from the real world and lack friends and social interaction.

Anne Hegerty, the familiar personality from ITV’s the Chase who is autistic was interviewed on Lorraine this morning. Fortunately for her the impact of this change is positive as she said she is enjoying spending time on her own as it seems very much like a sabbatical from her normal hectic schedule.  

If you feel motivated to do something about promoting World Autism Awareness Week there are 7 ways you can get involved without leaving your home on the National Autistic Society website by following the following link: