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When You Are Called Are You Listening?

Did I ever think 40 years ago I would be doing what I do now? Not at all. I wanted to be a nurse when I was young – I cared for people. When I went for an interview, I came over as too sensitive, so it went nowhere. I also later wanted to be a physical education teacher. I applied to Nonnington College as it was years ago and offered a place, but didn’t understand the structure and because of the lack of careers advice back then decided not to take the place.
To this day I am so glad things worked out the way they did.

I gained life experience, and with a passion for business have been my own boss for most of my life. Raising children, doing voluntary youth work and finally when the time felt right I sold my business and went to University. I ended up teaching Business Studies, my experiences proved to be very valuable! I was starting a new career in one I had wanted at the age of 16!

When I had completed my MA in education, I was introduced to Yoga for which I developed a real passion. I completed training and taught in the school I was working and created classes in the community. 17 years on I left education and set up my own Yoga Studio. Now I was teaching and teaching in a form of physical education!

A student told me of something to do with trauma releasing that a South African visitor had told her about. To this day I ask why did she hear of it and why tell me? For some reason I took a look. Within 4 weeks I was in South Africa learning something I had never heard of. That our body can release tension. I was totally fascinated and vowed in front of 99 people from around the world I was going to make it happen in the UK.

I returned to the UK, opened my Yoga Studio and started to share a practice no one had ever heard of. I was on my own with it as there was no support from overseas. I have over the past 8 years evolved the practice from the extraordinary experiences I have had working with people who suffered physically, mentally and emotionally from stress, overwhelm or trauma. I created a 5-Step programme the Total Release Experience®.

Pre-covid, I was travelling 40k miles a year to deliver Workshops around the UK. My son Daniel moved back from Germany to work with me and to support our growth. My work has been adopted by the Fire, Police, and Prison Service, the Jewish Community and thousands from around the world, who have learned the power of healing themselves and building resilience.

Post Covid, our education and experience is now available as online learning. At a time when anxiety and stress is looking like the next pandemic, I feel blessed that I listened to what was destined to be my calling. Voted top 10 women to watch in well-being, I love my life empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, as they discover how powerful their body is. Witnessing transformational healing where for years no amount of money has bought about their cure. In support of the new pandemic, we are ready. My book Feel It to Heal It is launched 24th September.

I am glad I was listening when the calling came.

Caroline Purvey MA(Ed)