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These are just a few words that describe how I felt the day I made an exciting discovery of the new science that has backed my approach to mindfulness. It has helped me to consolidate my HEART-MINDfulness system that I created 10 years ago.The HEART-MINDfulness system is based on Eastern practices of Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism as well as Western body-mind practices.

The new found scientific knowledge has enabled me to fine-tuned my system, particularly the five step formula for the HEART-MINDful PAUSE and meditation. This has made my system even more effective.Within a couple of weeks, my mindfulness practice has raised my higher self to a new level – I have experienced greater physical strength, deeper inner peace and stronger energy.

One of the tangible results I can share with you is that I no longer have the fear of cold waters and the mighty sea. I am now able to dip into the sea regardless of the weather condition. As many of you know, the weather in Brighton is usually grey, cold and windy. This is the picture of me playing with the waves when the waves were ferocious and it was cold!

I’m excited about my discovery. And I’m feeling my technique is going to take you by surprise. Would you like to know more about the scientific discovery that makes me so excited and how my HEART-MINDfulness can help you achieve your greatest potential? I have created a video (8 minutes) to share with you about it. Please click on the link ( to watch my video.