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Sarah Morris

‘’I can confirm that Sarah has been an excellent coach with who I have had some interesting and thoughtful conversations. Sarah has the right blend of ‘tough love’ and gentle questioning for me which continuously challenges me to identify the root cause of an issue but also to guide me in finding appropriate solutions.
I have also had colleagues notice an improvement in my reflective skills and believe I can attribute this to the work of Sarah. This is evidence that the work Sarah puts in to our coaching session has a positive direct impact upon my professional life.
In summary, Sarah has been an excellent coach and has inspired me to make improvements in my professional life with which I am grateful for.’’
Teach First Coachee 2018

‘’After years of having counselling and feeling like I was going around in circles, I got in touch with Sarah to see if she could help me move forward as it was a different approach than counselling. From our very first session, she had made a difference already. Sarah helped look at difficult situations and feelings and find a way to help you through them. She also provides the tools to take with you and use in any future situations! After a year and half of seeing Sarah, I feel like a new person! I am in control on my anxiety and feel confident I have the tools for when unexpected things happen and my anxiety takes over! Sarah has the most calming, reassuring and non-judgemental tone and I never felt embarrassed talking through my problems. I would look forward to my sessions as I would come out of every one feeling happy, positive and ready to take on anything! I’m so thankful for Sarah and all the advice, knowledge and care she has provided! It’s so hard to put into writing how grateful I am for all your help Sarah! All my family, friends and myself have noticed such a difference and I truly believe that is down to you, so really thank you so much.’’
Sian C Coaching Client 2020