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Authors Disclaimer *This paper is based on personal experience and thorough research. It is NOT medical advice. *

It is evident that the UK population are being given misinformation about Covid-19 and health. Current advice is unclear, misleading and often contradictory. Government and media advice about this pandemic are confusing. I have learnt that many that high-risk people are unclear as to the correct thing to do to stay safe/healthy. For example, the Office of National Statistics (11th September 2020) illustrates that between 20th March -5th June 2020 Covid-19 deaths peaked way above influence and pneumonia, From 5th August to 11th September 2020 the Covid-19 deaths dropped dramatically below influenza and pneumonia.

As the CEO of Think Healthy Me Ltd it is our Boards desire to provide regular accurate thoroughly researched information to help those vulnerable and NHS designated as HR, fully informed.

Both my wife and I are mid-eighties we live in Westcliff Park, Ramsgate. Since 23rd March 2020, due to Lockdown we have personally experienced social isolation, social distancing and ‘shielding: Not a nice experience for both of us. We have not had any choice. It is the 26th September 2020. The threats of people dying in the UK from Coronavirus are increasing and seem to be out of control. There is ample evidence of other countries, worldwide, making positive progress to control this life-threatening disease. Following USA, India, Brazil, and Mexico our country is number 5. Why do the UK not learn from other progressive countries?

I have learnt that not all high-risk people are old people and that there are many of us. This article is written specifically for our most vulnerable.

In July 2019 the NHS categoriseme as a ‘Heart Failure’ now treated by a Cardiac Nurse who monitors my health. In April 2020 the NHS informed me that I had been designated as coronavirus high risk.  I’m also Type 2 Diabetic (now reversed, by my own self-care). We can achieve a great deal related to our own good health by self-managing and monitoring. I continue, as a high-risk, to self- manage my own health.      Our NHS and GP’s cannot provide this level of service.

The purpose of this article is to share personal experiences with other high-risk people in order that they may benefit from our own experiences, accurate research research and learning. Current advice is unclear, misleading and often contradictory. Government and media advice about this pandemic are confusing. It has become evident that our UK population, especially high-risk people are unclear as to the correct thing to do to stay safe/healthy. Lockdown and ‘shielding; has dramatically affected our lives and lifestyle.  We have had to adapt to the changes. This has helped us to accept and understand and live with some glimmer of hope and happiness. Covid 19 appears to have brought out the best in most people.  

THE FACTS Those with diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic disease are at far greater risk. As the Founder & Chairman of Health and Business in Thanet ‘HABIT’ I have researched the Mental Health, Obesity and Diabetes statistics in Thanet. All are higher than the national average and predicted by Public Health England to increase by 2025. I believe that this must be addressed by the public sector, aided by the business and voluntary sectors. We can only achieve positive results when ALL collaborate. This has not happened with Health and Business in Thanet. Covid 19 has restricted the good progress achieved since October 2017.


We feel that this statistic is most important. It is constantly changing and the comparison is valuable as it indicates the trends in each. For example, in March 2020

·         Covid-19 was showing itself in other countries to be at least 10 and up to 35 times more lethal than seasonal flu.

·         Covid-19 is likely 2-3 times more contagious than seasonal flu.

·         It takes one to 14 days for people with Covid-19 to develop symptoms.

·         This means that those showing no symptoms can infect others.

As of today, end of September 2020, these statistics have changed dramatically. We will ensure that we keep you fully informed of the continuous changing trends on our website.

Public Health England websites provide excellent and accurate information.


·         Look at your lifestyle. What might you change? Who can help?

·         Suggest you seek professional help to boost your immune system.

·         Eat a nutritional diet. Plenty of protein and low sugar.

·         Manage your stress. (Professional help is available)

·         Drink plenty of water. Do not get dehydrated.

·         It makes good sense to respect and maintain ‘social distancing’

·         Monitor your blood sugar, weight & blood pressure

·         Take daily exercise. Wear a face mask when out and at risk.

·         Enjoy nature, fresh air and sunshine

·         Set realistic goals. (Professional help is available)

·         Consider a ‘buddy’ a friend also high risk or a professional coach.

·         Set yourself realistic goals and achieve them. (Help is available.)


Social distancing, face masks and personal hygiene seems to be the key intervention, particularly for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. The latest scientific advice is:

                                     SPACE: FACE: HANDS

We have learnt an enormous amount and hope to continue to ride the Coronavirus and remain safe and happy. We wish that this article also helps you.

“Let’s be supportive of humanity and work towards collective health and well-being”

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