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At the beginning of October 2020, the World Health Organisation supported by a letter from Scientists advised that Covid-19 is an airborne transmitted disease, hence difficult to control. They stressed that space and ventilation was the most important aspect of reducing and containing the spread of COVID-19.  As an NHS designated Clinically High-Risk person, not quite ready to die, I had already learnt this from my own personal research some months ago.

It is now, a significant day in the calendar, 5th November 2020 almost a month since I last posted this article. Has the situation improved in this period? Sadly, it has not. It has deteriorated. The situation has got worse resulting in our Prime Minister introducing an unpopular national lockdown. I understand that this is aimed at containing the spread of this virus because of COVID-19 dramatic increase in loss of lives, here in the UK.

The NHS rightly claims to insist on most matters related to health being ‘Evidence Based’.  I ask the question “Where does this evidence come from?”  Most of us know it is from our Scientists. So why when the lives of so many are at risk does our UK Government not ‘Listen, Learn and Act’? Other countries do. We in the UK we can learn from them if we just ‘listen’.  I have created my own personal guidelines to stay healthy and stay alive based on my research and own practical learning. It is a very strict regime based on the knowledge that the spread of the disease is airborne transmitted. My chosen lifestyle is, I believe, most healthy with focus on my immune system and the use of supplements such as vitamin B; C; and especially D; Magnesium and Zinc. I meditate (TM) twice daily and wearing a face mask, exercise 5 KM’s, also daily, and close to nature whilst filling my lungs with fresh air. I endeavour to respect social distancing. Sadly, this has been, and continues to be, by far the most difficult task of all. Our national and local media have the message to the public incorrect. We are bombarded daily with HANDS; FACE; SPACE guidelines with personal hygiene being number one and space being number three. All three are important but by a long shot, I have learnt, space and ventilation are far more crucial.

The recent Guardian article with the scientists ‘evidence based’ advice was crystal clear and appreciated by many as common sense. Here is the link:                                                                                                                                                                       


So why are our government and the NHS still advertising on National Media?                                   


Does this create confusion and Chaos? Is it inconsistent?

  1. Local Government Political Leadership want autonomy.
  2. The Government keep changing their strategy. 
  3. Physical Distancing and ventilation are more effective – Scientists.
  4. When will our UK Government ‘Listen, Learn and Act’?



The Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, has stated that he wants to put COVID-19 in the box. This will not happen until he understands and implements the correct method to achieve the desired result (saving thousands of lives in the UK). It is imperative that he provides the public with guidelines that they must understand and strictly adhere to.

My personal belief is that a national habit and behaviour change is the only way to contain this COVID-19 disease. This will not be easy. Unfortunately, it is the only way and is necessary. As a vulnerable NHS high risk person and an executive coach, I’m confident that this challenge is possible using and sharing the knowledge of other high-risk people. Saving our own lives is a huge motivator. Most, I expect, would be willing to share personal learning to help others who are not vulnerable and high-risk. It is all about education and raised awareness.

My apologies that this is such a serious topic and I believe COVID-19 will benefit immensely from regular doses of humour. Please see the link below.

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