Creating opportunities to help people in East Kent to live happier and healthier lives

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Who would have thought that a simple act of wanting to help others would lead us to where we are today?  Back in 2017 we became involved with Teach First, an initiative to support newly qualified teachers with their leadership skills.  Seeing the benefit that an hour or so of our time had a huge impact, both on the teachers we were coaching as well as ourselves.

We completed our NLP Master Practitioner Qualification and realised how much of a difference we could make, especially with our new skills.  Whether you are looking to train for a marathon, set up your own business or just achieve a personal goal or two the key is to have the right mind-set, right from the start.

Many things in everyday life mean we do not concentrate on our own wellbeing, physically and mentally.  A lot of us will learn the hard way, resulting in illness or the ability to not be able to cope – day to day as well as with the big issues.

Working for a large corporation has been difficult over the last 3 years for various reasons, circumstances beyond our control led to us being in ‘survival mode’ – sickness and long term absence of team members, a fast paced environment and a demanding customer – plus the more recent COVID-19 effect have resulted in us both realising that we are more resilient and resourceful than most.  The other realisation came with accepting we both needed the support of each other, sometimes having someone to talk to, especially someone who completely gets the situation and the feelings and emotions connected to that situation, is a necessity we cannot overlook.  Continuing our day jobs, managing and maintaining motivation for our teams as well as covering other roles and tasks due to absence all took its toll.  Having worked through stressful and demanding times, over a prolonged period, we have managed to remain well, motivated and supportive of our peers and direct reports.  Strengths we are now fully utilising in our own business.

We had become increasingly frustrated at how little we could influence, improve and change processes within the wider corporate world, and we also realised that our core values had become increasingly distanced from those of that world.  A realisation that resulted in us deciding to start Emerge, with our core values at the heart of it – allowing us to be flexible, adaptive and better able to support others.  Essentially all we are looking to be is the best version of ourselves we possibly can, whilst balancing work, home and our own personal growth.

By sharing our insights and experiences with you from the last few years it will enable us to support you personally and professionally, as well as future proofing your ability to cope and remain resilient – no matter what life may throw at you.  Our one to one coaching sessions, online workshops (individual and group) as well as face to face team sessions will ensure that you will be given the tools to maximise your potential.  Whilst we have travelled a bumpy road, our purpose is to ensure your journey is more straight forward, with less need to call on the emergency services!  As Associate members of Think Health Me Ltd we have the experience, and skills to support both corporate and SME’s and teaching professionals to weather the Covid-19 storm. We can help them to recover from turbulent times and re-generate their business, through coaching both the SMT and employees. Our THM Associate colleagues have regenerated their business. We are keen to empower you.

Sarah always listens intently and offers constant encouragement, as well as providing practical ways for me to organise my thoughts and beliefs. I have found the work into discovering my own values and aspirations particularly helpful in developing myself as a professional. “