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I was once a low fat, calorie counting, excessive exerciser

I was once a low fat, calorie counting, excessive exerciser…but I was just following the national dietary guidance for weight loss, eat less and exercise more. Yes it worked but it was a gruelling exhausting regimen plagued illness, hunger, energy slumps and cravings for quick energy food.

Little did I know my ‘healthy low fat, low calorie’ diet was causing intestinal damage triggering IBS to the point of hospitalisation. Nor did I know it was lowering my immune system causing me to suffer with numerous colds each year taking me out of action for too long. Plus, I had no idea I would have been promoting systemic inflammation and other damaging goings on inside my body by following the governments advice.

Until I came across a lifestyle in 2012 which allowed me to eat more and exercise less, this was a Primal Lifestyle and it transformed me in as little as 3 weeks, not only did my weight improve but my health improved too. I now eat more quality food giving my body what it needs, I replaced my excessive exercise with quality activity and movement, and I haven’t looked back.

I have never suffered with IBS again and I’ve been plagued by a cold only 3 times since 2012, compared to 3 times a year, as my immune system is now firing on all cylinders. I no longer have to go without food because I’ve consumed all my calories, and I’ve said goodbye to hunger as the food I now choose to eat is not only filling but keeps my energy levels stable too, improving clarity and preventing those hard to ignore cravings!

Before and after
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